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Sumpthang Rank Be Stankin' in Here

God forbid I can have me a nice work-at-my-home-desk day.

I just let the dogs in the house from outside and returned to working on my computer when suddenly....some rank, ass-smelly stench flew past my nose. Oh, I recognized that aroma...I'd smelled it before! I had to check each dog's butt and found that Yogi was the culprit...but old Cindy decided to roll around in Yogi's doo-doo apparently, for the fur around her neck was matted and scented ever so lover-ly. Yogi got a shower and before I could grab her... Cindy escaped into Mark's clothing closet...way in the back. Where some clothes on the floor lie.

I mean, I can have empathy for Yogi, who is obviously having belly problems, but there's just no excuse for Cindy's disgustingness.

Today is not a good day...



Spidey said...

one more reason why i don't have a dog. i love them, but don't want the stink or work.