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The Romance of the Drive-In Movie Theater

Many of my readers are old enough to remember fond times as a teen going to the Drive-in Movie theater. Aside from the dreaded elements that put a little negativity into the experience of going ...humidity, steamy car windows you couldn't see out of (steamy, yes, because you're making out with your date), mosquitoes in the summertime, that BIG sound box you had to stick through the window (before the sound came through your AM/FM radio)... the Drive In Movie was a wondrous experience. Remember?

I read some where this week that the Drive-in Theater is now 75 years old. In 1958, there were approximately 5,000 American drive-ins; whereas today, there are only about 400. I found a website which lists the locations still in existence: and it's worth a peek if you ever think about revisiting that experience again.

When I was a young child, it was a kick to go in pajamas and bring a pillow. My friends and I would lay on the roof or hood of the car, while our parents were inside the car.

Where I grew up (Seminole, FL) the Mustang Drive-In was "the" place for meeting up with groups of teens. You could sneak friends in (hide them in the car so you didn't have to pay per person), and of brought your own beer and snacks. The Mustang eventually turned into a flea market and the big screens were taken down. It's so sad!

One time when I was very young, I went to a movie with some friends and a second movie was playing on a screen behind us...that other screen was a naughty movie called, Caligula, which definitely wasn't rated PG. I kept turning my head in awe at the sex scenes... shocked and amazed a lesbian scene....the first I'd ever witnessed.

I remember only a few times I'd gone on dates to the drive-in, but I remember not caring what was playing...just enjoying the atmosphere and the togetherness of whomever I was with.

I'm feeling a tad nostalgic...wishing I could see a movie on the big screen right this instant.

Do you have fond memories? What movies did you see? What fun did you have?