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"We Looooove You, Ms. Lewis!"

Well, I'm so glad I can be the source of amusement and entertainment to all who know me.

Today, I got up before 6 AM and finalized and printed all my materials for the first day of the summer semester in which I'm teaching Intro to Sociology, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, and then again tonight at 6 PM to 10 PM. I got myself to the college waaaay early, fought with the copy machine to make 70 copies of my syllabus, etc. and so right before 8:30, I looked in my classroom and there were no students. I figured admin changed my room, so I went up to the secretaries and asked where I'm supposed to be.

I wasn't on the list. Why? Because I don't teach on Tuesdays! Right time, wrong day. I teach on Thursdays! The staff had a grand old time laughing and thanking me for the entertainment...AGAIN!

Again? Yea. That's right.

This might be a simple enough mistake for anyone to make, but because a few semesters ago I showed up on the right day and at the right time, but with the WRONG class materials (I was teaching several subjects and thought I was teaching Psychology that day). So...this seems to be a trend. Oh, let me mention that on that day, I also was wearing two different shoes, both black and similar in style, but clearly....NOT a pair! Coincidentally, the name of the course I was teaching is named, "Work & Family Balance"

Folks, this is what happens when you begin to lose your mind, when you have multiple jobs and a schedule that frequently changes.

Before you give me advice, YES, I do know what a calendar is and I own one. It's about READING the calendar. Anyone can KEEP a calendar, it's the CHECKING IT that's really important.

So, every semester always has a story!



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