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If the Phone DOESN'T Ring, It's Me....Resources for Women Who Love Too Much

As many of you know, my area of research for my Psychology Ph.D. is love theories and intimacy. I have one more class this semester to be completed (which I love! It's called, Advanced Research Methods) and then I begin my comps and dissertation. As a romantic novelist, I am fascinated by the psychology of relationships and the wonder and magic of romantic love. I plan on writing non-fiction, self-help books for publication and I shall begin, I think, with the topic of passion, intimacy and commitment as my first written work, which are elements of my current research.

I wanted to post some resources here, which I was reminded of today in a conversation with a woman I met. This information might be helpful to others, too.

For some of you, just reading the words, Women Who Love Too Much, will resonate with you. Author Robin Norwood wrote a classic book by that title and several subsequent ones. I highly recommend it. Originally published in 1997, it was updated and republished by Pocket Books April 2008. It's available everywhere and they have some good used copies at

Also, here is a link to a Yahoo! Message Board Group on this topic: HERE. This board is described at its website as:

This group is based on the book: Women Who Love Too Much--When You Keep Wishing and Hoping He'll Change by Robin Norwood.

"Loving turns into loving too much when our partner is inappropriate, uncaring, or unavailable and yet we cannot give him up, in fact we want him, we need him even more. We will come to understand how our wanting to love, our yearning for love, our loving itself becomes an addiction." --Robin Norwood-Women Who Love Too Much.

This group is to help those who have read the book and are working on recovering from co-dependency. Ms. Norwood uses 10 Steps in her book and these 10 steps for recovery will be the major topic of discussion in this group. To get the most out of this group you need to have read the book or be reading the book. In this group as in the Women Who Love Too Much Support Groups their should be little to no mention of 'him' (this is much harder in the begining and we understand that), this group is about YOU and working on YOU. Once you have read the book you will understand more about this concept.