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On Drinking & Driving

We hear about it, and it's just "talk" until your kid does it. Caught drinking and driving! Just because nothing happened, no one got hurt, the cops didn't know...."I know!" and what could have happened is enough to step in and have that parental conversation with my teen.

Some things teens will learn the hard way, by doing and suffering consequences. But on drinking and driving, it's non-negotiable. This is something no kid should learn the hard way. JUST DON'T DO IT.

Here's a link to MADD's, Contract for agreement between parent and teen to not drink and drive.

It is agreed that no matter what time of night, no matter how far away in phone call to me and I will pick him up and drive him home, without questions, lectures or discipline.

To those of you reading this...please do the right things.


Roger D. Curry said...

Son came in hammered the other night. I praised him for having someone drive him home. Then as he was bitching about the unpleasant consequences of being drunk, I told him to assume trauma position so he didn't aspirate vomit and die, stfu and sleep it off. So unfortunate that each generation has to learn by experience.


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