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Warning to Everyone...

Let's just get one thing straight....My ovaries are exploding, my uterus is bleeding like a harpooned and dying animal, and I'm in no mood for anyone's crap today. I have taken measures to remove myself from public interaction today. Y'all do your part, too. I'm not sure if I get poked and abused by people every day and I "just handle it" most days... or if when "I'm like this," there's a red flashing light above my head and steam emitting from my orifices that dares everyone to taunt me. Now lookit, I'll do my part here. I shall duck below the radar today. Please...just let me exist peacefully and unscathed. Thank you.


Roger D. Curry said...

Doreen, darling, a simple "I'm feeling poorly and will be unavailable for a couple of days" would have been ample notice. I hold you in my thoughts and in my heart, but I did not need the anatomical details. Indeed, I am locked in an undisclosed location until I think the proverbial coast is clear.


doreenmary said...'re right and you crack me up.