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9% of Americans are Behind in Mortgage Payments or In Foreclosure

...that's a statistic that I read on an AP news story this week... about 4 Million Americans are a paycheck away from losing it all..... This is significant! The government is taking control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because it's irrepairable. Unbelievable that the most stable of our economy historically ~ real estate ~ is in this state of affairs.

And on a personal note...I'm going to spare you my sob story....cuz you know what? Shit happens, life happens and there are peaks and valleys and you gotta get through the rough patches and focus on what's important. Suffice it to say, that despite alll my years of experience and hard work, bad things happen to good people and you just do the best you can. I know them words are cliches, but don't we always use cliches to help us? "This, too, shall pass."

So. Money. Money. Money.

My divorce is final within only days (which brings with it its own set of emotional wackadoodle mindfucks).

My credit, if not already, is soon to be shot to hell. I've moved, of course.... and left behind some things. Found out yesterday that the marital house is ~ officially ~ foreclosing, in spite of every "right" thing attempted done to work with the bank to be open and communicative and helpful.... we had numerous "buyers" and offers and contracts and needed exception to sell for slightly less than what we owe on the mortgage. But the bank would rather take possession and sell it for pennies on the dollar in some fricken auction, I guess. I do not understand, but I realize that there is no humanity in business dealings and I hope to get positioned one day to live life on a cash-only basis, never having to be dependent on some bank for credit.

I hope y'all are faring better than I in 2008 from a financial perspective. I will, I believe, need to consult a financial wizard to evaluate options on debt management. It's bullshit. It is to laugh to think I am practically a Ph.D. ~ a doctor ~ the highest level of education, working several jobs, published author, educator to young minds... and a financial wreck. Only in America!

Today, after I accomplish some tasks I need to, I am filling a glass with ice, pouring me a whiskey and Coke and numbing the pain. It's the weekend.... I need it.


mavis sidebottom said...

good god you and I are living the same must have been a bad time in the astral plane janusary 1965 one can but hope our time will come

Jilly said...

i know many people with ph.d.'s and many of them work several different teaching jobs, so your position isn't that odd to me. my guy has 2.5 years left until he's got his ph.d. and i can't wait for it to be over. he teaches full time at a high school and has 3 different college gigs. i only work full time at a high school, but i'm the primary caregiver to the baby, so it evens out.

he's only getting the ph.d so that he can move up into an admin. job at the board of ed. ph.ds are almost a dime a dozen here, so jobs where a master's would do other places require a ph.d right off the bat. he wants me to go back and get mine starting this spring or next fall, but i'm tired.