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Sarah Palin, Republican VP Candidate

I'm registered Republican.

Does that shock you?

I mean, I'm moderate... not too political. I believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves and am a champion for the working stiffs of America (that which the democratic party tends to pride its philosophies upon)... however, I still believe in strong capitalism and promoting business and a strong economy with LESS taxation and smaller government (conservativism). Anyway... I probably represent a lot of women my age who are in a mode of disconnect with the presidential candidates in search of someone/something relevant.

I cannot relate to either presidential candidate. Definitely not an Obama fan... sorry. Yet, not too happy with the Republican Party's work in the past decade, either, and I do feel we need change... but nevertheless, I am more conservative than liberal.

Along comes Sarah... someone I relate to. I'm watching, learning, deciphering. She's a smart lady, she's relevant and very representative of America in 2008. So far, I like her and I'll consider voting Republican....

Just my humble opinion...


Roger D. Curry said...

Doreen, darling, I do love you, and would love to sit in silence at your ocean or in my mountains, our hands on one anothers' wrists, seeking to bring our pulses into rhythm. But let's not talk politics, OK?


Spidey said...

take a look at this doreen and see what you think. just another way to look at things.

Jilly said...

i can respect that you like her. i agree that our choices are really crap (as usual, it seems) but for someone with her history while governor and supposed background as a christian, she should get her life and family in order before trying to tell me how to run mine, and that is why i won't vote for her. lord but i hate an "in your face" hypocrite. being an elected official doesn't make one above their supposed ideals and standards.


doreenmary said...

All, Thank you for the insightful feedback. This is an exciting time in political history as we explore very different approaches to important, long-standing societal problems. Like many, I remain on the fence pending information as to which way to vote...not that one vote really seems to make a difference. Good to see so many of you "in touch" and educated on the candidates.

Interesting letter to which you provided a link to, Spidey. Having worked for the City of New Port Richey for quite some time as their Public Information Officer, I found that piece fascinating as it parallels much of the heated debates of officials on similar matters of spending and libraries.