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Fair Weather Blogging...

Would it be fair to either of us if I only blogged on sunny happy days? Pfft. This is real life.

I saw on a tee shirt once, the following saying:

"Sometimes, it's just not even worth chewing through the restraints"

Suffice it to say, today is one of them days.

Y'ever notice that how you wake up pretty much predicts the course of the day? You feel blah. You spill coffee on your shirt in the morning and the day just goes down hill from there. I think when something like that happens it should be a rule, just go right back to bed and try again tomorrow. Spare yourself the heartache and the expense of all the screw-ups to follow.

I've noticed also that if I go to bed with something unresolved, I have nightmares...and I wake up cranky and there goes another day. Knowing this... I really ought to figure out a way to get myself happy PRIOR to collapsing in bed. I often dream I'm peddling a bike built for two or three and I'm in the front trying to go over a bridge and not getting any help. Last night, I dreamed that I was driving fast, went to put on the brakes and my tippy toes could barely reach the pedal. Similarly, the other night I dreamed I was driving one of them bigass trucks you see on the interstate and the seat was too far back and I couldn't reach the steering wheel and was swerving on the highway.

Who needs this shit? If I can't get peace when I sleep, and peace during the's all bad.

Ya know, I wasn't going to blog about this. I already know what you're going to say... your attitude and emotional state reflect a life in chaos. OK, there. Said. Uh... is there really a time to have a nervous breakdown? Take a sabbatical? Go away on vacation with spending money (yea, right). Nooooooooooooooooooo. And so we plug away. And I shall, just as most of you do, too. For some days are good days....

So I'll ask again, Would it be fair to either of us if I only blogged on sunny happy days?

Hope your week is faring better than mine! And I do realize... we do CHOOSE our mood and we can spin things around. Somedays, the energy wanes and even that is too complex to manage.

There ya have it. Wednesday in a nutshell.


mavis sidebottom said...

I usually try to be upbeat in my blog no matter how crap I feel I lapse from time to time and its always a mistake because people just jump on you for it and make out your life is a bowl of cherries and you have nothing to whine about

Roger D. Curry said...

I do so love Mavis and agree wholeheartedly. When I am having a bad day, I just remember that with a fine file and a good quality washita stone, I can restore an incredible edge to my tomahawk and scalping knife, and go forth to rid my Mother the Earth of the low-life, rotten, stinking, putrid, vile, gagging maggots who masquerade as human who pollute her and make all our lives a living Hell. And that does so brighten my day.


Spidey said...

no one expects anything to be rosy these days.

Jilly said...

the fact that many of us get up, get dressed and go about our days is amazing sometimes. i think it's fine to bitch here, if you bitch here, someone close you irl might get a break. i try not to jump on people or to "cheer" them up too much. most words are empty anyway.



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