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Tighty Whities and Boxer Shorts: A Question...

Where better to ask than right here, amongst my beloved cyber friends.... so I will. The hole in the front of men's underwear.... Um. Will somebody kindly explain this to me? Does anybody REALLY use the hole for its seeming intended purpose? What's the story?



Roger D. Curry said...

Perhaps the flap/hole is used in porno flicks, but I'm not up on those.

This is apochryphal, but I remember vaguely reading a study done by an underwear manufacturer some years ago to the effect that almost all men ignore the flap and simply pull the leg hole aside to urinate. I cannot speak for any man but myself, and that works for me.

Beyond that, I feel like Lou Costello, having been handed a straight line and being tempted to respond outrageously.


doreenmary said...

Beloved Roger, I did indeed hope a member of a male species would be brave enough to admit that which we all know... men pull the underwear leg hole aside in order to urinate. Or, they pull their pants completely down and sit on the seat, right? Thank you for posting.


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