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I Want Ideas for Quick Dinners

I'm tired of cheeseburgers and hotdogs, spaghetti and chicken and so is everyone else. Tonight I'm going to fix grilled cheese with tomato soup for dinner. The most creative I tend to get in the kitchen is making tacos, beans/rice, meatloaf, sloppy joes, mac & cheese and stew in the crockpot/all day cooker. This week I got a bigass ham steak which is great with boiled potatoes. But generally speaking, we're all sick of it all.

What do you make at home that goes over well with your family?

Please post ideas.



Jilly said...

we eat breatfast for dinner a lot. this can be pancakes eggs and meat or chipped beef gravey with peas over toast. i make a lot of soups too. i've been making pulled pork in my pressure cooker (takes 30 mins) and roasting chickens and pot roasts in the pressure cooker (again, takes 30 mins.) last night i lined my broiler pan with foil in the bottom (quick cleaning) and placed onions and peppers coated in olive oil and spices in it and slow roasted them. i then placed marinated steaks on the top of the pan and let the juices seep down to the peppers. this was great along with 2 potatoes cooked in the microwave. All in all it was great and took me again about 30 mins. i've got some other ideas too.


mat said...

1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 tbsp lemon or lime juice
3 tbsp water
1/4 tsp garlic powder
dash ground ginger
1 [2 1/2-3 1/2 lb fryer chicken]
[I use boneless breasts]
mix first 6 ingredients and pour over chicken for several hours or overnight. put the whole mess into a crockpot and cook on LOW for 6-8 hours. use 1/4 cup water & 1/4 cup flour if you want thicker gravy when cook time is done. serve with rice or noodles would work too.

Spidey said...

a cheap yummy meal is chicken and dumplings. we are having that tonight and if you use the thigh and leg portions you can get those for very resonable and they provide the best flavor. toss in some carrots and celery. add dumplings. warm and comforting.

Roger D. Curry said...

Nuclear waste vegetarian chili in the crock pot - easy recipe.


mavis sidebottom said...

slow cookers and pressure cookers are great but all the food you cook in them seems to be cold weather food , I don;t suppose there's a lot of call for cold weather food in Florida. I hate working out what to feed the kids if one likes it the other will hate it on principle .My kids dislike pasta quite intensly which is fine by m I dont like it either we have a lot of pasta type sauce meals with cous cous so we have cous cous bolognaise . I like cous cous you can add any thing you want to give it flavour from raisins and cinnamon to mint b.My kids also like good old bland food like shepherds pie s and stews.

Roger D. Curry said...

Darling, 'round here, you'd be rid outta town on a rail if'n you served cous cous, and there wouldn't be a soul left to watch the parade and wave bye-bye.


mavis sidebottom said...

thats fine cos I dont live there I live here

Denise said...

Hi sista, it's sista, I have ONE and only ONE meal that the 4 of us will eat (of course no one agrees with the sides though) - chicken cutlets, I make them with chix thighs (jucier and less $$ than those chix breasts) - I beat them with my hammer (good for daily crankiness), dip in egg wash, then bread crumbs (from the can, I get Italian) - and put in a pan with a little olive oil - takes 5 minutes - for sides, baked potato (nuked) or apple sauce, the spouse and I have mashed cauliflower with it, and caesar salad from the bag. That's all I got on this one....still searching - and as for the crotch pot, everything ends up tasting the same, sick of that too.

Spidey said...

another idea. pea soup with a smoked ham shank. you can get a big pot of that for about 5 bucks. of course you have to like pea soup.


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