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The Fairy Dust Escapade

So this week my daughter, Kelly, decided to put glitter in her hair for spirit day at school. Only she had a little accident involving the bottle of glitter. I think you know where I'm going with this... Yup. Spillage.

It happened in the bathroom. It happened over the sink/counter where my basket of hair brushes, expensive makeup, etc. was. The stuff blew all over...toilet, floor, everything.

Have you ever tried to clean up glitter? You can't.

It's now two days later since the escapade and an attempted clean-up. I see glitter downstairs in the kitchen. I go into work and I see it on my shoes, on my face when I look in the mirror. How did it get in my bed? When will this madness stop? I am afraid~very afraid~that this house will never be glitter-free.


Jilly said...

okay, this works with most dusty textured stuff or large wet spills. i learned this while working for the construction company and watching the clean-up people do their stuff.

you need to scatter something textured like sawdust around and then the dust and glitter sticks to that and you sweep it all up easily. this also works for large wet spills or accidents. when wet, the sawdust clumps together to form a large soggy lump that's easier to clean up than using a roll of papertowels. they sell it at homedepot.