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Friday Night at Home -- 5 Kids, 4 Laptops, 0 Beer


mavis sidebottom said...

do you have custody of the dogs?

doreenmary said...

Unfortunately I do not, Mavis. I do have visitation and see them once a week or so, taking them for walks or rolling around the floor getting hairy. My new townhouse doesn't allow pets. Kevin and Kelly both have allergies and it was hell for years with the dogs trying to keep hair away. The kids' breathing is so much better here and, with exception of the f'ing glitter all over, I haven't had to vacuum nearly to the frequency I once did.

How is your dog? You know...the one that is ever soooooooooo cute? I'll have to visit your blog soon. I hope you dog pictures there.


Anonymous said...

visitation rights must be better than not seeing them but it sucks when you are a dog person and you are dogless :( basils fine we are moving soon it's hell trying to find a place that will allow pets.The new house is right next to a nature reserve so walks will be nice . Its been a crap couple of months for us aquarians eh , lets hope things will improve from now on

Jilly said...

my doctor harasses me constantly to get rid of my pets because of my asthma and allergies. i almost have to force the SOB to give me breathing treatments and refill my meds after he lectures me about pet dander.

i finally said "look, they tested me and i'm not in any way allergic to pet dander, look at my charts and refill my pills or i'm taking my fancy government insurance that pays for everything known to man AND my copays somewhere else." i have to go back in a few weeks and i'm curious as to how he'll respond.



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