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Open Letter of Complaint to All Boys & Men

It's Autumn, which means cooler weather.

You have nipples, just like women do. It is the body's natural response for nipples to constrict in reaction to cold.

This does NOT mean:

1. ...that women are sexually attracted to you because their nipples are erect.
2. ...that we are horny or feeling any kind of sensations of the horniness kind.
3. ...that it is appropriate for you to stare.
4. ...that is is appropriate for you to call to our attention OR those standing around us the fact that our nipples our hard.

Please do the right thing... that is, mind your own business.

Thank you.


D. Lewis, President
Department of the She-Woman Man Haters Club


Mat said...

Madam President -

Your request has been duly noted.

[poking my eyes out at the first opportunity]

Mat -

mavis sidebottom said...

I bet you look at mens crotches in the swimming pool though;)

Jilly said...

doreen, i don't care if they look, as long as it isn't a constant sare, but i do hate "your high beams are on" who really says that? and who tell me? it's not like i don't know, they ARE attached to me after all.

a few years ago, a student looked down my shirt and said "i really like your top" i almost vomited. now i make it a point to dress like catholic sunday school teacher while at work (dumpy and frumpy). when the kids see me at the mall, they don't even recognize me.



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