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No Means Yes

OK, so you read the title of this blog post and IMMEDIATELY your mind went into the gutter. I'm not talking about THAT.... Shame on you!

I'm referencing the 2008 Election Ballot which contains a slew of proposals to vote on. The wording on some of these issues is manipulative. I wonder if professional writers are at all involved in the writing of these.

For example, in the state of Florida, if you WANT same sex marriages legal, you would vote "NO" on Amendment 2, which establishes man/woman only as legal. And you would "YES" if you DON'T want same-sex marriages.

It's all very confusing. When you go out to vote tomorrow, READ carefully. Better yet, get a copy of your official ballot NOW, if you haven't already, so you know what you're voting BEFORE you get to the polls.

By the way, I saw Sarah Palin at a Rally over the weekend. She was wonderful. I got a "You Go Girl" Sarah button (complete with lipstick kiss print) and a McCain-Palin tee shirt, which will probably be out of style after tomorrow. I presume Obama is going to win.

Happy Voting!


Jilly said...

wow doreen, i usually respect you and you have the right to your opinions, obviously, but that last line was downright tacky and rather ignorant for someone who is as educated as you are.


doreenmary said...

Miss Jilly, Normally I would defend something I wrote just because I wrote it, but you know what? You are absolutely right and I've stricken the remark. Didn't mean to offend and sometimes, especially with regards to politics, humor can be quite questionable. I respect others political views and if there's an issue to speak on, I'd like to address it from a position of strength, not with ignorance or name calling. Thanks for your comment, Jilly Beans.


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