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Auld Lang Syne

Reflecting on 2008... for me, personally, it was surreal. I hope 2009 is better.

And so, what are you New Year's celebration plans, traditions, resolutions? Discuss.


Spidey said...

celebration plans include a cozy evening in, watching movies and cooking some yummy seafood and steaks with the hubby.
resolutions.....first off, continue the weight loss, and number two, which is very important.... not to let anyone push my button. taking a deep breath and thinking before i respond.
and last of all... celebrating the 50th year of my life. so far, mother nature is smiling upon me as i have not had my "friend" for three months, and am hoping i am done with that part of my life.

doreenmary said...

That sounds like a WONDERFUL New Year, Spidey. I like the part about the friend not visiting. I will certainly appreciate that gift whenever it happens to me...not soon enough! Enjoy your cozy evening! I will be staying in, too.