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Blog Update which really says nothing too important...

I enjoyed a nice break between semesters of teaching and a rather lengthy break after my own studies because I passed my comprehensive exams on the first try (within 4 weeks), giving me 6 off from my final semester of coursework. I entered DISSERTATION STAGE this weekend. It's official! So this weekend I set up 3 ring binders of my research, manuals, milestone charts, etc. etc. Everything for my work is color-coded, tabbed, highlighted, I mean... total geek fest, but it makes life so much easier to have this organization.

And yet, like a schizophrenic, other parts of my life remain in total chaos. I simply must organize my clothes and either get rid of the stuff I don't wear because it needs to be ironed or iron it. I mean, IRONING in 2009? It's so June Cleaver. Who the hell irons any more? Do you? It occurred to me last night that I have shit in drawers or hung that will never suffice for wearing off the rack without ironing. Cotton is bad, unless it's a tee because they dewrinklify themselves when you put one on.

Today I should get some UPS packages delivered. During my lull, I indulged in some Ebay shopping and also decided to make the king size afghan Kelly asked me to make for her. I ordered some specialty BRIGHT yarns from which are pretty much fluorescent to match Kelly's lime green decor....she wants fuchsia, bright yellow, aqua in the pattern, so I can't wait for it to arrive.

Some winter we're having in Florida. Not. It gets into the mid 80s in the day. So sweaty. I'd like a little cold snap.

That's it for now since this blog post sucks today.


mavis sidebottom said...

I iron I find it very Zen , its the one area of my life where I bring order to chaos instead of chaos to order

aliasmoi said...

You can buy a half way decent steamer from Wal-Mart for about $30. For absolutely nothing you can throw whatever is wrinkled in the dryer with a wet washcloth. Then, snatch it out the minute the buzzer goes off, and it will be like you ironed it - unless you're realy devoted to creases and then you'll have to iron it.

Mat said...

Here's that cold snap you're looking for:


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