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Dating Websites...Good or Bad?



Roger D. Curry said...

They assume that there is a good place to match two persons who will then have a happy life together. Also, some ignorant physicists believe that there are some circumstances where you can forcefully bring two just-barely sub-critical masses of U-235 together and they will glow warmly and quietly.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Hell, lotsa luck finding any right place.

Student at the College of Hard Knocks,

Jilly said...

i was sitting with a friend at work and for fun she was looking at e-harmony, one of the "good" online sites, supposedly about relationships and not sex.

She randomly came across her ex-husband's page and he lied all over th eplace. he said he had "Young children" his kids are my age and older. he lied about his income (he lied down) and said all sorts of things about what he likes to do for fun. he also said he'd been married ofr a few years, try 38.

my friend snorted and laughed and said "he doesn't like to do anything but sit on his ass an drink beer after work, he's never been hiking or skydiving." she wondered why he felt the need to lie.

i think he lied about the money because my friend got 75% of his VERY generous income with the divorce and he wants to keep what he's got left. sad thing is, what's left is still more than my guy and i make in a year combined, he has a really good job.

he lied about his age because he's in his 50s and wants to hide it and said his kids were young so he can't be caught lying about his age. I think he also said he does all kinds of neat activities to appear fun.

moral of the story? it's easy to lie in real life, it's almost a given online. if you go into it with no expectations or expecting to be lied to, rock on. if you really want a relationship and some honesty, good luck, those are hard to get and harder to keep.


doreenmary said...

Them are some scary stories, guys!

Mat said...

Men - either face to face or in cyberspace are an untrustworthy lot.

Anonymous said...

Doreen, As someone speaking from experience with it and not just spouting nonsense like Jilly who basically is a know it all about all matters in where was I, oh yes, I think it's a wonderful idea. My brother met his wife that way and they now have a beautiful healthy baby and a great marriage. I've done it as well and have met some really great people. Nearly all single people are on a dating site. And what's wrong with a night out even if nothing comes from it. Do not go into it expecting lies as Jilly suggests, expect a great time and you'll find it. -blu

aliasmoi said...

I think online dating sites are expensive. E-harmony is like $60 a month unless you cough up for multiple months at a time. I can't afford $60 a month to still not meet anyone.

Also - I have a profile on Yahoo personals. Unlike ex of Jilly's friend, I was honest about my age and all that other crap. I have gotten two messages from different men wanting to know if I can still have babies - to which I replied, "Am I able? Yes. Am I willing? Hell no!" My one and only is almost 20. I think having another kid now would make me a prime candidate for a padded room at State Nut Hut. I got another message from some guy who wanted to know how many times he had to take me out before he got what he wanted. I referred him to the song by the Georgia Satelites with the line, "Don't give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself!"


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