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Check Your Credit Reports -- Mine has Identity Issues!

I just found another identity linked to my Experian credit report and our histories are merged, making look like I've got a half a million dollars in unpaid debt. When I tried to correct this, I got stuck in a fricken voice mail loop with Experian, only to find out they are closed for the weekend.

I hired someone to clean up my credit records. I'll keep ya posted when I get this straightened out.

Meanwhile, be sure to check your credit now and then. You can do it for free once yearly from Experian, TransUnion, etc. I went to and it was easy to do online.


Jilly said...

the only good thing about my name, is i'm the only one with it.


aliasmoi said...

I have a similar problem with my credit. There is another Melissa Ragamuffin who was born on 9/28, but a different year who lives in Virginia. Her crap comes up in my credit routinely. More recently my brother's shit has started showing in my credit because our SS#'s are only one digit difference.


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