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I'm Canceling the Colonoscopy

So. Saturday, I got this letter in the mail from the surgery place... "Please bring a check for $625..."

Sure, I'll just whip my ink pen outta my purse and write that out fer ya.

Uh, not.

Not happy about the situation, but I'll have to take the risk of not taking the test and put it all in God's hands, like the rest of America's poor. Thing is, I do have comprehensive health insurance, I just have a deductible.

Wanna talk about the state of the country now as it relates to healthcare? Please post!

Have a nice day.


Roger D. Curry said...

Darling, I cannot post on this. That this has occurred relative to a colonoscopy is God's divine message to me to shut up and meditate on taking wise rather than wise-ass action.

You do need the colonoscopy, however.


Jilly said...

i am very blessed with my government insurance. what i don't make in a large salary, i get in benefits and i make sure to use the medical benefits.



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