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Am I Wrong? My Two Assertions about LOVE....

OK... I'm guessing everyone here reading this will agree... YOU CAN'T MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU! You can bend over backwards, change behavior, try to be better looking... If someone doesn't feel it for you, chances are that's always going to be the case... you can't make him/her love you. That's not to say you can't make someone like you more, be a friend, etc. I'm talking you can't negotiate true love....

Similarly... it's been my truth and I believe that WE DO NOT CHOOSE WHO WE LOVE. That is chosen for us... like a pre-destiny thing. I'm not saying we won't DENY the love or that we have to pursue it, for we do have free will... but who we love is at the hand of God with intention... be it a reason/season/forever and usually there is something within that love that serves one or both parties in their life journey to aid/teach/learn.



mavis sidebottom said...

you knwo all the contemplation on love is just a waste of time , it either happens or it doesn't, which is sad or great depending on the outcome

Spidey said...

you can make someone realize they love you, but you can't make them love you if they don't already.

Roger D. Curry said...

The golfer said "I love you" to the pristine TaylorMade premium ball as he teed her up. He then whacked her with a Big Bertha driver, deforming her because the initial accelleration is about 50 G's and she sailed into the rough where he would have to go to some trouble to find her, so he said, fuck it, I got more.

His lovely partner then did the same thing to a boy ball.

Fuck 'em, we always got more.

Then they walked over myriad hopes and dreams and shredded hearts with their spiked shoes.



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