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The Closing Walls & Ticking Clocks

I'm not a clock watcher. It's always later than I think. Being on time is rare for me and I often apologize, but maybe I'm not so sincere when I say, "sorry". Things take longer than I promise and I don't think we should eat just because a clock says noon or six. I think watches are stupid jewelry, especially since you always can find out the time on your cell phone or pretty much any wall nearby has a clock.

Last night I was cooking dinner. The number flashing on my stove said 430. I thought it was the time. I picked up the phone and asked my mother if she wanted to join us in half an hour for some ribs and she asked me if I was crazy. She said it was 8:30 at night. I then realized the 430 on my stove was the temperature of the oven, not the time of day, and we had a big laugh.

I hate clocks.


mavis sidebottom said...

Im the other way round I like to be on time i get stressed if I think I'm going to be late.I think showing up late for appointments is just plain rude , It's like saying "My time is so much more important than your time, and I am going to make you wait"

Jilly said...

i'm like alex, i want things to happen on schedule and beconme cranky if they don't. i hate being early or on time and being forced to wait for someone. i insituted a new rule, after 30 minutes at the Dr, if they don't see me, i become pissy. mainly becaus ei take the baby to the Dr a lot and if you don't watch it, you'll sit in the exam room for 2 hours without word about wtf is going on. babies do not sit for 2 hours.


Roger D. Curry said...

Yet another example of why you would find life with the likes of me Pure Hell. There is a wonderful site,, where the correct time (plus or minus less than a second) is displayed. I set the watch I carry to that at least weekly. if I am asked the time, I never round off, I give it to the minute.



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