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Lost Boys of Sudan

I'm preparing for an upcoming event at the college... The library where I teach is doing a feature presentation of the movie, Lost Boys of Sudan, and the librarian asked me to lead the discussions later this month. So, last night I previewed the movie and am preparing some educational material, notetaking, making discussion points.

I was so incredibly moved by the cultural contrasts and the implications of this film. Literally, it follows the experiences of tribal boys who are brought to different parts of the USA as refugees and they go from backwoods, barefooted African living to current day technological existence. And they learn our culture so fast and make poignant observations... they speak of it with such candor and reflection and purity. Absolutely moving!

In case you, too, might be interested, here is a you-tube ditty of the intro to the documentary to whet your appetite. The website with educational references and more about this award winning independent film is here: