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The Mysterious Preciousness of Sweet'N Low

Help me understand what I just don't get. Why do people STEAL packets of Sweet'N Low from restaurants? Did you know about this? I remember seeing women put them in their purse the various times over the years that I've been out to eat. Never really figured it out.

I had to drive my mom to outpatient surgery this morning and on the way home we stopped at little greasy spoon for breakfast. The waitress poured us coffee, but there was no Sweet'N Low on the table. Our server had dashed away quickly, leaving us without the necessity, and we became sad (as anyone surely would!). We decided to find some packets at another nearby table to help ourselves. But LOW & Behold (pardon the pun!) there were no packets on ANY table.

When the waitress came around, we inquired.. "So? What's with the Sweet'N Low?" She pulled a couple of packets out of her shirt pocket and gave them to us. "Well," she said, "We have to keep a close eye on them. People steal them, you know..."

Um... I don't know how it is where YOU live, but where I live, a box of a THOUSAND Sweet'N Low packs is a coupla bucks. If that's too much for a shopper, our grocery store chains sell generic brands of the artificial sweetner for even less monies.

Are things that bad in America that stealing Sweet'N Low is the new way of feeling like you get something for nothing? I just don't get it.



Spidey said...

some people figure anything on the table is fair game including the salt and pepper shakers, every cracker in the basket and all jellys,jams and sweetner. haven't you noticed? we live in a shitty world.

Jilly said...

i personally don't like any packets of sugar or sweetener and can't imagine people needing to steal them. sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Sweet N Low is rat poison. -blu

Anonymous said...

There is an episode of Friends where after the grandmother passes away, they find sweet n low stashed in the attic that comes pouring down on Ross's head....maybe it is a common illness :)

Roger D. Curry said...

At the Saturday morning gabfest at Bob Evans with a couple of friends, I can always resist nicking the Sweet N Low. But when I go out in the parking lot to leave, the dog gone temptation of a few hub caps . . .