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On Quitting Smoking - Electric Cigarettes

Have you seen this new product? Last night while teaching, one of the staff showed off his ELECTRIC CIGARETTE... looks like the real deal. You inhale it and you puff out VAPOR (which is comprised of water... you can blend in nicotine and flavoring)... an aid to quit smoking. It is battery powered. The guy let me puff on it. I was amazed. I'm doing a bit of research to see if this an authentic alternative to cigarettes... to meet/decrease cravings. The coolest thing EVER!

Here are some companies offering electric cigarettes:

Smoke 51

E Smoke Stop


Crown 7


Never Smoke Again

Smoke Stik


Anonymous said...

I quit cold turkey in December. And I lost 22 pounds since I quit smoking too. Talk about self deprivation. If you want anything badly enough, you can do it. -blu