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My Own Little Private Idaho....

This is nice.

Kevin and friends are spending the weekend at the beach.

My daughter is at a cheerleading competition in Daytona Beach (they won and are undefeated).

It is just me at home... and I vacuumed at midnight and played music loud, just made my world nice on Sadday night. Who is the greatest company? Why, myself, 'a course!

I wanted to watch the movie, DOUBT, and rarely rent movies, but I drove up to Blockbusters and they were friggen out of the movie. I mean, WTF? That's just WRONG. I was so ticked I didn't choose an alternate movie, just left in a huffy all pissy.

I'm playing Diana Krall's new CD, Quiet Nights, and it is really good stuff. Maybe not for morning listening alone, it'd be a good one for a candlelit evening... a bubble bath. Maybe tonight.

Today is riddled with more chores. I've made great progress in the laundry department. I must grade papers and that's not such a bad job except for entering them into a spreadsheet. Hate the tedium of that.

Hope your weekend is spectacular. Mine's not too shabby.