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The Littlest Things....

You know what made me reallllllllly happy today? Something so small and stupid, but I picked up a new replacement head for my Braun toothbrush.... cleaned that bad boy good and fired it up and it was like a whole new teethbrushing experience. If only I could hold onto the brevity of notion that occurs in those fleeting happy moments... the times ya go, "ahhhhhhhhh, this is good." I'm making a note to self to etch little things in my brain this week, and embrace the associated silly happinesses that come with them.

I am going to be pulling another all nighter... papers to grade, mid-term test questions to write before my 8 AM class tomorrow... I'm always under the gun catching up and I started really thinking about "moments" and how many of them are given away to a worthy cause, like work or keeping up the house, etc. and how few really are relished and claimed as one's own. I seem to get farther and farther away from the compelling emails I receive from friends I so long to write back in depth... so far away from finishing the bedspread I'm making for Kelly... and my paint-by-number beautiful picture... on its easel, still undone, yet a happy signifier of "one day" when I will finally call "time out" and do for me what nourishes my soul.

I have some pretty big news to share with you this week. It's too soon. I need a few more ducks lined up, but it's life changing and it's positive and it's quite nice. I can't wait to tell you!!! It's due time for something good... this post divorce abyss has had me down far too deeply--not always, but definitely more times than I like to admit. The tide's changing. I feel it. I know it.

More to come....


Spidey said...

where is your big news?


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