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Reflections on Last Night's, The Bachelorette

I liked Wes last week... turns out, he's a real problem. He's got to go soon. Jake remains my fave and I definitely see chemistry there.

There's another guy (I fergit his name) whom Jillian said she just wants to "make out with him"... and you could see when she kissed him, she liiiiiiked it. But I don't get it. I don't see it.

That Juan or Joolio... what's his name..the Latin Lover Type? You know who I mean. Oh, Puhleezzzz. Phoney Baloney lines and overly friendly, presumptuous overtures. I don't think Jillian will be responsive to it very much longer. He's nice looking, but that NEVER is important in the big picture. Manipulator and insincere.... at least that's how I see it.

I felt sorry for the guy who went naked into the pool and then later got kicked off and said he thought it was because his pecker was like a light switch and it was a little chilly that night. Er...No, Dude, your cock size had nothing to do with the fact that you made a complete ASS out of yourself and come off as inconsistent (real conservative/geek appearance--and then does something like strip on camera with 25 guys around? Not cool).

Geeze readers, if I don't have any Bachelorette fans to comment here, I'll be soooooooo sad! Don't you like this show? I think it's so much fun! Like a romance novel!



Roger D. Curry said...

Why is it that I picture those guys as pathetic putzes who are fundamentally insecure around women?

The chances that I would enter a CONTEST to find a lady are rather remote. I'm a 2 on a scale of 10, but I got my pride, jeez.



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