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The Despair of Being Hopeful in Jaded World.

Without droning on with regards to specific life instances, I want to talk about a general mood pervasive among us that I am seeing. Have you heard this new existential phrase people all over use? I hear it on TV, in conversation, in discussion about relationships, finances, work:

People say, "It is what it is".

It is what it is? That's bullshit! I reject that comment. Why won't everyone else reject it, too? To me, that statement says, "I'm powerless, screw me over... there's nothing I can do to change things."

Is that what this world has come to? Giving up on standards and good things? Well? Tell me! For I am feeling a certainty that I haven't felt before and it is crushing my spirit. Perhaps I have been wrong about my views about life all this time. Frankly, I don't see things changing in life if it's true: "It is what it is."

I want to be a bright light in a world that is sometimes so very dark. And sometimes I think I am that, and sometimes I think, pffft... who the hell do I think I am? As if I had some power to make a difference in life? Yea, right.

I have never in my life felt as alone as I do now.

I'm disgusted.

Nobody cares.


Spidey said...

I care.

you must grab happiness where you can, and perhaps these days,happiness must be found in smaller, simpler things. as i have grown older, i noticed that i am paying attention to the details. when i was younger, i flew through the days with my eye on the prize. now i enjoy the journey. i look around me and find joy in the sound of the wind chimes, the slant of the sun, the flowers blooming. i am content sitting in my chair reading a book, or watching some silly show on tv. i can lay in my hammock and watch the flames of the fire and i can be happy with that. i don't need to be wining and dining.
don't lose hope. without that, you have nothing.

Roger D. Curry said...

Sum, baby, Sum.

mavis sidebottom said...

Im with spidey no matter how crap it is theres always something to enjoy

sweetyyy36 said...

Feeling alone sucks. I understand it all to well at the present time. Will life hold something better for me or am I forever doom to be unhappy.When will I find true happiness? Is this something I need to find within myself or will the doors open one day and all will be right in the world. I try and try to keep my head above water and there's days were the block tied to my foot just wants to bring me deeper and deeper into my own hell in my head.I work hard to do the right things and still don't get what i'm waiting for (my time).For the people who have said" It is what it is" THEN WHAT IS IT?