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Many thanks to you for your warm emails and comments on my post before this one. Whew. I hope it is accurate to say that the recent chaos of the past couple of weeks is over. I've been overwhelmed. Some of the recent life challenges are so new to me and came all at once--relationship battles, job changes, a financial problem, dissertation frustrations, the close of my teaching semester and 72 student final term papers and exams grading. If I wasn't fixing something, I was obsessing about those things I couldn't control and fitful as consequence. And when I felt negative, I picked on those closest to me and from the rest of the world, I just hid like the recluse I can so easily be.

I'm excited about my new home. Still not moved in... doing clean up first. My new backyard and landscape was terribly neglected by the previous owners. I had a service come in and trim trees and clean up. Now bared, I have the "before" pictures before I start my garden. Here are the pics and I will update you with gardening shots once I get started:


mavis sidebottom said...

I am so jealous

Spidey said...

i love the trees. it looks lovely.
shade from trees. one of my favorite things.