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The Bachelorette Season 5 - Preparing for Tonight's Episode

Anyone watching this show? OMG... it is getting so good. Tonight it starts at 8 P.M. Here are my thoughts from last week's episode and hopes for tonight:

I was so sad that Jake got the boot. He was the whole package. He was my pick.

Wes is such a bad boy and I’ve been resistant to him, hating him all season UNTIL last week when I found myself quite interested (shocker!)… I saw this integrity thing with him. Maybe I’m reading him wrong… what do you think? I was charmed by the fact that He refused to justify or give excuses about his past and told Jillianne to come to terms with how she feels about him all by herself and whether or not she was on board. He gave a flat denial of having another girlfriend and no excuses. He sat in silence with her….with confidence, while she bit her bottom lip and desperately searched his eyes for truth, wishing he’d take her hand and beg her to believe him. That’s how I’d be—like Jillian… but there was something powerful in his stance and I think he DOESN’T have another woman. I think he really cares for her. He reminds me of Elvis Presley and suddenly, I’m really curious about him. What a beautiful family he has. It really turned things around for me this season. Do you think he’s a cad?

Kiptyn. Nice family but I don’t see anything so special about this guy other than his beach front ritzy existence. Whaddya think?

I was soooooooooooo sad when Michael had to go. He’s not right for Jillian (too young… too slight in stature) but, my God, he is a pure heart and when he said his goodbyes last week, I just cried all over myself.

I didn’t feel for Jesse so much when he got the boot.

Reid is handsome in a collegiate sort of a way, but he lacks heat and sex appeal, I think.

Ed could be a good contender. I like him a lot. He’s very manly, smart, intelligent. I think he might be the one.

The scenes for tonight look great… SPAIN! Romance! Yay!


Anonymous said...

OMG too. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto OMG. Can't wait

Roger D. Curry said...

Note to the gullible bastards vying for The Bachelorette's attention:

Are you out of your fucking minds? She will break your heart. Advertise for a lady with a truck. Have a mechanic check the truck over before you date her.

I can honestly say that this advice would have been helpful to me in the past.


doreenmary said...

Roger, I don't think the bachelorette will break hearts.

And further to my pre-episode comments, boy was I wrong about that bastard, Wes. Good riddance.