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I quit smoking last week because the government added another dollar tax to each pack and I am too poor to continue this habit. Besides, if I don't quit sometime, it's just going to result in heart disease, emphysema or cancer and any of those are just really awful ways to die young. Besides that, too, I get yelled at by nonsmokers who despise it, it stinks, it's too hot in Florida to smoke outside.

I guess those are the main reasons.

Sigh. I miss them. I know it takes a while for the feeling to go away.


Spidey said...

good luck. are you using some sort of nicotine withdrawal product? otherwise it might be pretty tough.

mavis sidebottom said...

good luck , don't do what i did and replace cigarettes with food , people just shout at you for being fat then and you die anyway

doreenmary said...

This is pretty much cold turkey.

I do have the electric cigarette, which doesn't compare, but has nicotine in it and I can puff if desperate without it being a "tobacco" cigarette. I find if I can get through the urge... it really only lasts a coupla minutes, then I'm good for hours. But there are about 3 or 4 times a day when those minutes wanting a smoke feel pretty powerful. I think in my mind.. "Oh, I'll just run up to 7-11 and get me a pack and smoke JUST ONE and save the rest for emergencies..." but that is the EXACT deed which ruined quitting for me in the past... I cannot have cigarettes around me or I will smoke them. I HAVE to do this cold turkey. It's the only way... I'm certain of it.

Mavis, how long have you been NOT smoking? Was it cold turkey? Do you feel successfully quit?

mavis sidebottom said...

I stopped smoking in 1993 I cant smoke now it makes me throw up.I gave up when cigarettes here reached £2 a packet they are £5. I mostly gave up out of spite my ex decided to give up then smoked my last cigarette when I went to bed so I just never bought any more but I guess the time was right anyway

aliasmoi said...

Good luck, NAF! My mom has recently been diagnosed with emphysema, but she refuses to quit smoking.

Alex you don't look fat in your pictures.

Anonymous said...

take my word for it Im fat

Roger D. Curry said...

Jesus loves you.

He still thinks I'm an asshole, so don't drop my name.


Anonymous said...

I quit seven months ago cold turkey and the cravings still come on intensely... although less frequent... once a week now. - blu


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