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On Vision and Aging & Other Thoughts...

Experts say it starts around the age of the 40s, a lot of people start to struggle to read fine print. I've noticed that when I try to read the name of a lipstick color, it's near impossible. My distance vision requires glasses, which I wear only for driving or if I go to the movies or theater. I first noticed distance issues with vision in my mid 20s when it was hard to read street signs.

Today, I went to the Drivers License office to renew my drivers license. I don't know how the hell old that thing was.... half a dozen years or more and I was glad to get rid of that photo I.D., in which I looked like a big haired goon. Anyway, they said I had to take a vision test. I do wear glasses for driving, like I said, but I wanted to try to pass the test without glasses. I found if I squinted or close one or the other eye that I could take a really good guess. I only missed one, so I passed. The girl also let me reject the first picture and redo it with a bigger smile... which I really appreciated since we have to live with our license for so many years. They should offer ancillary services, such as make-overs, anti-aging filters and the opportunity to purchase 8 x 10s and wallet size photos. Heh.

I'm typing this from my new netbook in the classroom. I teach a current affairs course and our topic for this night is ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. It's a four hour long class so I'm breaking up the lecture/discussions with a little film, which is always a fine thing to sit back. Don't you remember what a treat it was in school when a movie was shown? Well, it's even better when you're the teacher and you get a little break and get to blog while students watch. I've seen this piece on global warming a thousand times, so I can enjoy the luxury of not watching.

On movies, there's a chick flick I want to see starting next week. It's called, The Ugly Truth, and it's about a woman who gets coached by a man how to attract a guy she's interested in... and, seemingly predictable but nonetheless fun as a plot, the guy coaching her and she start falling for each other. The preview scenes look great, the protagonist and hero are adorable (I don't know the actor/actress name). As I've probably blogged about previously, i truly enjoy movies... alone... going, getting my popcorn, sitting in the back. a chick flick!


Jilly said...

i recently had a similar experience while renewing my driver's license. i was shocked that they let you take the picture over again, as the wait at the place is too long, and retaking pictures makes it worse.

have you thought of getting some of thsoe cute little otc specs they sell at the drug store and at the book store? emma bought a few pairs a few years ago and put pics up, hers were cute.

on the movie, the actress they have playing the woman is model pretty, which makes me think the plot is rather unbelievable. if they'd had a plain jane playing the lead, i'd find it interesting, but most men look at a woman that attractive and are ready to hop on without tricks or games.

i recently went to see food inc and am looking forward to the cove.

re:movies in class. i hate them. i have to WANT to see a movie to watch one all the way through. I usually sleep when one is shown in a class. I took a georaphy class with a friend to add another teaching certificate to my belt this past spring.

the teacher was fond of showing movies. We watched one about jamaica and how it got screwed overe by england and now america economically. the teacher was from england and i didn't like her, so i picked a fight about how it was all england's fault and england should fix it without botheing us.

We also did a debate on global warming and i gotmy team (con UN)to win against her side of the class (pro UN) just because i disliked her that much by the end of the class.

i hope you never have someone like me in any of your classes.


Spidey said...

i finally gave in and got bifocals about 3 years ago. i have the unlined kind so no one can see them but me. i have worn glasses since 5th grade. i was just not willing to give in and admit i needed them and during one of my eye exams the doctor said...why are you struggling, let it go. and so i did. and now reading is so much more enjoyable. :) the next thing i have to realize is that i am indeed menapausal and that last little egg hanging on for dear life has let go and i can no longer produce another human life. not that i want to.. but not having the choice is a hard thing to swallow. and so i attempt to grow old gracefully and can cling to the fact that a friend of my fathers who hadn't seen me for 25 years said i looked the same as i did when i was a kid. i kissed him.

doreenmary said...

Jilly, yes.... I have OTC specs and they are great. And I think you'd be great in one of my classes!

Spidey, I got the bifocals with the no-line but found I don't like them. I prefer to use reading glasses or distance glasses soley. Not sure why. And as for menopause, I can't wait until the monthly madness is over!

mavis sidebottom said...

Im screwed cos I am long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other so I can never buy the cheap reading ones , so far though I get by ok without them anyway