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Short Thoughts on The Bachelorette, Past Week's Episode.

None of these guys love Jillian. As the season comes to a close, our bachelorette is no better off than she was the first day of the show. So many of these guys are non-descript. I often got them confused, with so few men having anything unique about their personalities. None are special. None are fighting for the prize... it's that old, "It is what it is" attitude I despise. Nobody wants to work for the goal and face the challenges. Everything is supposed be so lah-dee-dah easy or fergit-it... and that kind of thinking is so very shallow.

I don't really care what happens any more. The final two guys -- Ed and Kiptyn -- I don't see either of them having something real or long-term with Jill. That's just my humble opinion.

Upcoming is the episode of interviews with the past rejects from this season... that's always fun to get a behind-the-scenes perspective by participants.

Stay tuned... Monday night at 8 PM


Jilly said...

three things

1) i don't watch this show, but i don't really watch TV, so don't be offended. i admit that i really have no idea about the finer point of the show, but it seems silly me to go into a show like that and expect true love. from commericals over the years, i can tell the bachelor pool looks like a hiterls youth reunion. meaning, they probably didn't get too diverse in their man pool. i know not all women are like me, but i've dated and cared for a wide variety of men in my short lifetime, like most women do, and not only is it odd to me to think they expect love to happen on national tv in an organized fashion, but then the water the gene pool. that's a recipe to failure in my opinion.

2) my name is jillian and i LOATHE the name jill. there are probably 4 people who get to call me jill without too much fuss. Does she ike being called jill? i've never met another jillian to ask that she prefers on the subject.

3) how are you doing? you seem a little depressed. i think there is hope for love, but not on reality tv. most reality tv is so far from real, that something like love is a joke there.

okay, i'm done.


doreenmary said...

1) I agree, but there is something quite fascinating with raw chemistry which is observable in watching this show.
2.) Jilly Beans is the best version of your name. How was it coined?
3.) Thanks for asking... there is an undercurrent of sadness, but it's a quiet sadness and not depression. I am still motivated in work I do and with writing, getting my new house in shape... I am reinventing my life and realizing my age, the unlikelihood of ever really having a "family" again... but I'll be OK.


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