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I Like Sneezing and Analyzing My Own Sneezes

Does my blog title sound absolutely nuts? Fine. But it's true. Sneezing is quite a freaky bigass explosive thing that happens. It's not pretty and when it occurs multiple times, it's just a real ruckus.

Sneezing is just crazy.

I like sneezing... the whole prep thing that happens... that breathing, gasping, not sure if it's gonna happen feeling. Then.... wow.... you just let go. There is nothing to stop it. Oh, you can try to hide it, but that sometimes just makes it all that much bigger. Sometimes I'll go with it, saying Ah chooooooooooooooooo. Or make it real macho sounding RAH CHOOOOO. I've had such powerful sneezes before, I've pee'ed.

I like sneezing... I rate them in my mind if it was a good one.

Why do they come in threes?

Why do we still say "Bless You" ??? Is it rude if you DON'T say "Bless You?"

I have been sneezing a lot the past two days... maybe it's allergies? I don't feel sick. But I have been pondering sneezing today. And decided officially - I like it. It's very, very cool.


Spidey said...

i usually sneeze twice. the first one will be a small ahchoo. the second one will be a big giant AAACHOOO, which usually feels like i blew my face off.

Mat said...

Analyzing sneezes?? Not enough to do around the house I guess.

Roger D. Curry said...

Even though "bless you" to a sneeze is based on medieval superstition (the soul is vulnerable to Satan because one's defenses are down, so other's have to protect you), it is considered quite impolite in West Virginia to FAIL to follow the custom. The only way I have skirted the custom is by over-doing it, viz, "May God you & your descendants unto the seventh generation."

doreenmary said...

Spidey... only 2? I thought 3 ws magic.

Mat, I analyze regardless of place... not just at home.

Roger, LOL.