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On Blogging


Ya know... I have all these blog titles in my head, things I want to write just because it is my need to write.. stuff I want purge, express, ask you about... develop ideas on... And Jesus Christ Naked and Bungee Cord Jumping, I never have ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!

This is my long day... teaching til 10 PM. Tomorrow I am working in the A.M. then late afternoon into the eve I am taking my niece and nephew to the zoo (frankly, because "I" want to go and it's a great place for kids and my own kids are too big and not impressed so much and I don't get out much and I want to start getting out a bit). There is a new Koala Bear at the zoo and I want to check it out. I adore zoos.

I have emails to respond to... you know who you are. I will this weekend. Swear!

I love blogging. I would do it every day if I led a more disciplined schedule. I think I need to work on that as a personal goal (Oh God... I can hear Mavis now in response to that statement... "You must be getting close to your time of the month when you start another self-improvement program....") Heh.

More soon.