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On Back-To-School Clothing Shopping and NOT Being a Multi-Millionaire

Just exactly HOW much money are parents on average shelling out for their school-aged kid(s) for back to school? I'll keep this bitch session short and knock out a few bullet points of my dissension with this idiotic societal tradition...

1.) I resent schools and teachers who require not just any old "5-subject notebook," but must be "MEADE"brand, which is very expensive... and then must be in colors (i.e. red, black, green). You darn well know they're going to be out of stock in green when you get to the store cuz every other kid in the county wants it. Then your kid is pissed at you for putting off school shopping, getting there too late, all because you don't care enough. So in your parental guilt, you drive to, oh, 4 or 5 Walgreens, Targets, Staples, etc. until you find the last green effin' notebook, not that your kid will remember or be thankful, just that they'll remember you're a crappy parent for the next 5 years.

2.) Are boxes of Kleenex on the list of supplies and donated to the classroom really necessary? I mean, how about each kid take care of his or her own sniveling nose?

3.) Jeans. Kids need a lot of these. If your kid grew over the summer, that means you've got to spend a couple hundred smackers RIGHT there, before we even talk about shoes.

4.) Shoes. This whole tennis shoe brand name bullshit has been around since my day. C'mon!!! Let's just NOT take it any more. It's reeeeeeeeeeediculous to spend $80 to $200 for a pair of friggen sneakers! And what's with kids wearing flip flops to school? We couldn't do that when we were in school! Now they're allowed? And why won't kids then buy the $5 kind of flip flops? I mean, $42 for friggen flip flops? C'mon.

5.) Back Packs. We didn't have these in high school, did we? We had school provided LOCKERS and it was good. These days, getting a locker isn't easy and you don't get to pick the location. With a student base of over 1,000.... and two campuses at one site (middle/high)... getting a conveniently located locker is unlikely, so back packs, it is.

6.) Florida "forgot" to vote on the tax free spending week during legislation session last year... thanks guys. We're not getting our discount this year... thank you very much.

OK, that's alls I gots ta say. We are off to Gulfview Square Mall to see what damage we can do.



Spidey said...

kids have a knack of making parents feel guilty these days. back when i was a youngster (oh good god) that shit didn't fly with my parents. you got what you got and you shut up. no brand name crap. you were happy if your pants were long enough and your shoes fit. hand me downs were not reason to be embarassed. all i wanted was a pair of shoes that made clicky noises when i walked. i ended up with some god awful hushpuppies the fit me for the entire year.
make the kids get a job and pay for their own stuff. that's what i did with my kids. i bought them the basics and if they had to upgrade, that was their problem. if they can't get a job then tell them it is generic this year. i don't think they will be the only one.

Jilly said...

We're not longer allowed to require any school supplies at all where i live. supply lists are mailed out, but the parents aren't required to send anything. So what if the parents don't buy anything? Well, we're not allowed to require it, and the government doesn't provide it. Many times teachers like me buy supplies in bulk and hand them out, but i don't have the money to buy the 120+ kids i see every day school supplies.

they just changed the dress code for staff where i work and made it very strict. the staff were in an uproar about it because there is no dress code for students. we had one, but some kid sued and now it's just a suggestion. the problem with backpacks is that you need two a year, because there is no way one will last all year.

i have no opnions on lockers except that most kids decide not to use them and carry around more crap than they should and end up with back problems.

doreenmary said...

Some good feedback from commenters. Thanks.

It's over. We did good shopping. JC Penney had a great sale (door busters), then a coupon for additional $10 off per $50 spent, and they gave sales tax back to the buyer (another 7%). Kelly got a few shirts, some skinny jeans... we found a good deal on shoes at Famous Footwear, socks and picked up some MEAD books, heh, at Target and were done early afternoon yesterday.

aliasmoi said...

One word - TARGET! Sears is good for jeans too.

Jilly - it's been all over the news here about how many more kids are getting their school supplies from the Salvation Army this year than ever before. Maybe that has soemthing to do with why you're not being allowed to "require" anything?

Jilly said...

Mel, we haven't been allowed to require anything for going on two years. I work in one of the richest and highest ranked school systems in the nation, i doubt that all of the kids without are without because of poor parents. the parents just don't want to shell out money for supplies and are "on strike." they're too stupid to realize that if we gave their kids everythin for free, their takes would go up higher than they aready are. Their main argument is that they pay a lot of taxes as it is, and requiring fees and supplies is a "hardship." I fail to see how when these people make four or five times what my guy and i make and i've been buying supplies for their kids for 4 years now.

If an agreement isn't reached soon then classes like advanced dance, pottery, photography etc will have to be cut because they're expensive and electives.


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