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An Adventure Gone Awry

I got a phone call earlier this week from the auto service center (dealer) where I had a recall repair work done. It was a sales call and they offered an la la. I said, I'd love to find a newer car with greater efficiency, but was sure that, since my divorce, there were blemishes on my credit report. The sales guy said he'd look into it... I didn't want make a trip out to the car lot until this was done, so we faxed back and forth the credit app, etc. and set up an appointment after he said it was all good.

Jesus Christ naked rollerblading, I didn't go into this like some bunnyhead. I had done my research, knew my car's dealer trade-in value, knew the car models I wanted to see and their values, etc., and I had figured out the loan numbers. I was a tad nonchalant in all of this because, truth is, the outcome didn't matter; I rather like my 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor and it'd take really getting carried away with loving another car, or a damn good financial deal to make something happen. So, I felt I was totally in control and not going to be manipulated. Good way to be.

The sales guy was a decent man. The sales manager,however, was an idiot. My God... I laughed out loud. First, they asked me to sign this handwritten thing that said the following, "If I am presented with an offer of $400 per month, I will purchase the car today." They handed me a pen.

I said, "Are you SERIOUS? C'mon! Is that at 95% interest for 17 years? COME ON! What moron would sign something like that?" So, he said it was OK and he'd be back with the numbers.

They offered me $7,500 on a trade-in (according to my research, my dealer trade-in amount is closer to $11k and my loan amount $12k). The car I liked was $15k. They said they could keep the payment at $400 if I came up with $6,000 down - a check written today.

"Give me back the car key to my Endeavor, I'm leaving," I said.

I had to wait another 1/2 hour. The sales guy tried again. He came back and asked for $2,000. I shook my head no. Then he asked for $500. ... and the more this deal was going around, the less faith I had in the whole integrity of the thing.

They finally let me go.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. Blue Moon beer was on sale for $6.99 a 6-pack. I'm on my third now and feeling very good despite it all.


Spidey said...

never go to that dealership again........ ever.

doreenmary said...


Jilly said...

i bought my first car ever brad new off the lot a little over 5 years ago for about $15k all said and done. I could have paid it off that same year, but i didn't because they offered me 0% interest when I bought it, the dumbasses. I waited to pay it off after having it for about 3 or so years because of the 0% interest.

I really love not having a car payment, but my corolla is just too small for having a kid. What I previously thought was a large trunk was useless after putting the stroller in the first time. The previously empty backseat is currently full of carseat and various baby debris. I cannot carry any other passengers or their stuff.

I got to borrow my father in laws mini van for a week recently and it was so great, like a vacation. My guy and I have been doing some research about possibly entering the world of car payments again for the joy of having a minivan. In all reality, unless one of our toyotas die or I get pregnant again, we'll stay with what we have because we HATE car shopping. The car dealership people find a way to make it hell, even if you come in with cash ready to pay off the whole thing.


schell said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but last Sunday I was in NYC for the Race for the Cure. After the walk, we got on the subway to do some shopping. There were about ten of us...all women 35 and up. All of a sudden, my sister in law starts going a bit gaga. As do most of the others in the group. Sitting right next to my sister-in-law is Reed from Bachelorette. I don't watch those shows, but he was very nice to talk to. Filled all the fans in on the status of his co-stars and told us they'd asked him to be the next bachelor, twice, but that he'd turned it down. He said that since the show aired, he's suddenly having no problem meeting women. He was a cutie, too.

mavis sidebottom said...

mmmmmm Beer

Roger D. Curry said...

I hate to point this out, dearest. I am very slow to make conclusions without a lot of facts, but this one is easy. They believed that they could treat you this way because you are female, and they believed that they could continue to do so because they thought you were kidding when you reacted negatively, also because you are female. I mean, delightfully female and all of that. You need extremely clear communication to such guys that this is not acceptable.


doreenmary said...

SCHELL! OMG! Why didn't you take pics from your cell phone? Wow. Great news!

doreenmary said...

Jilly, You epitomize great character and maturity... Where do you think that came from? I know you often say that your upbringing was riddled with some problems. I'm just always fascinated to witness such strengths in people, wondering if they were born with gifts of strength, had a nurturing upbringing, a mentor, or what? I pick on you, Jilly, for you are yet such a young age, really breaking a mold at a time for your generation in which it seems so hard for the cream to rise to the top.

I tend to think that my generation and those before mine had a bit of an easier time in a better economy, with less competition, and in a world that appreciated leadership, education and ambition. Today... there are so many of us all trying to achieve the same things. I have no doubt that good things are in store for you... your ability to be patient and accepting of the rough early times are inspiring.

Maybe you're an old soul?

doreenmary said...

Roger, I s'ppose that could be true, which is sad.