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Discuss this Photo.

I just got my roots done at the salon... and I can't believe I have so much gray hair! So.. if it's nontoxic to dye hair... is there anything wrong with giving your dog the salon treatment, too? This pic is featured in Times Magazine this week. I like it a whole bunch! Discuss.


Jilly said...

you know, i feel bad just because those dogs know that all the other dogs are making fun of them.

when my dog started to age, she wasn't able to deal with the cold and we were told to put a "coat" on her so off we went to get a dog coat.

the first time i put it on her, she gave me this pained look and then proceeded to fall to the floor and refuse to get up until i took it off. i just knew she felt like an idiot and didn't want to go out in public like that.

After some work, we were able to get her to wear it, but i could tell she was never happy with it. i couldn't imagine putting the dog through that for no good reason.

however, if the dogs don't seem to mind it, i guess there's no reason not too, except it makes one look like an asshole to do that to an animal.


doreenmary said...

I think the dogs like it. Target has some nice dog costumes for Halloween and they are already low in stock on the sizes. I think the peeled banana costume is hysterical.. they have hotdog costumes, a devil one with a long red wig...hilarious. My son and I were at the store together tonight and spending entirely too much time giggling over the them. My chihuahuas will be pumpkins this year.

Jilly said...

Doreen i cannot wait for you to get some grandkids and it sounds like you're secretly waiting for them too....


mavis sidebottom said...

I always threaten to get basil dyed but its bad enough what I do to him when I shave him if Leeds ever make a final or win the league though i shall get him done in the team colours

doreenmary said...

Basis is beautiful. Please post a pic of him at your blog.