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A friend of mine brought to my attention a rather tongue-in-cheek and amusing website, People of Walmart in which folks send in pics of people shopping at Walmart and appearing in.... er.... rare form. (Do you see what's funny in this pic reposted here?)

When you need to run to Walmart, the drugstore, the bank... do you make sure you dress nicely (in case you run into someone you know)? Or, do you just go as you are? It seems, "as you are" means different things to different people.

As I have gotten older, I've come to realize or expect that whereever I go, it's likely I will run into someone I know or someone knows me and they may not stop to say, "hi," but still... I do the minimum... brush hair... wear something not too pajama-ish or risque.... Except lately, I think..... I can think of recent times I've been gardening, and I need some soil or something and run up to Walmart's garden center all grubby and sweaty.

Now that picture takers are all over the country, I'll rethink running out like that.



Jilly said...

what gets me is that she's probably had that smiley face on her ass all day and no one, not even her friends, told her.


Spidey said...

i really never worry about dressing up when i go to walmart. even in my grubbiest clothes i am better dressed than most of the people there.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful to say there is not a Walmart within miles of here nor would one be allowed in my neighborhood, we like to keep the trash out of here on the North Shore. I don't think I can ever move from NY or a major city. America is just too fucking scary. -blu


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