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Link for My Class Lecture Tonight "Current Affairs" - On Technology

Guys... I'm borrowing this space for videos I'm I'm showing on the big screen in my classroom tonight on Student Learning and integration of New Technologies.. Heck, maybe you'll enjoy it, too. Really cool


Roger D. Curry said...

A quick thought: If North Dakota were a country, it would be the 4the largest nuclear armed nation.

Jilly said...

we weren't allowed to use youtube etc. as sources while i was teaching because in order to block it from the kids, they had to block it from everyone. the kids knew how to get around the block, but their punishment for doing so was less than staff members. Kids got a day out and staff got fired.

as to tabletop pcs and other gadgets, i don't see them being common in k-12 classes as of yet. they're very expensive and easy to break. the kids i worked with couldn't keep a pencil for 15 minutes without breaking it or losing it. i'd shudder at the thought of what they'd do with thousands of dollars of technology. i'd rather they get new competant textbooks and supplies than a comptuer that would be broken in 20 minutes. let's face it, th government wouldn't replace the broken computers and then they'd have nothinig.