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Why Do Dogs Roll Around in Stinky Stuff?

I've always wondered why dogs will roll their body on top of the nastiest things they find on the sidewalk (dead frog, et. al.). I found this response online and it's interesting:

Dogs will roll around in stinky stuff because it is their instinct to do so. Before dogs were domesticated animals, they lived in packs (like wolves) and there would always be an alpha dog. When a wolf comes across something they aren't exactly sure what it is, they will roll around in it to cover themselves with the scent, and then bring it back to their pack leader to see if it is something edible. When a dog comes across something that smells enticing, they do what comes natural. They will roll around it in and bring the scent back to you (the alpha of the pack) because of that instinct. Source(s): I am an LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician)

Anyway... I was busy this morning de-funkifying my pets. I didn't have chihuahua shampoo so I hope White Rain won't kill them.

Pictured is Rocko (the black pup) and Poncho (tan).