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It May Fill a Baseball Stadium! People You've Indirectly Slept With

Thank you, my blogger friend... for sending me this link which parallels my blog topics lately about the downside of promiscuity.

Check this little private quizzie online to determine how much exposure you've really had based on the number of sexual partners you've had and a mathematical equation employed about how many they've slept with, equaling the number of indirect sexual partners you've had.

Report back your reaction. It can be anonymous if you don't want to showcase your extreme habits.



Anonymous said...

You have had 32,643,998 indirect and direct sexual partners. and that was only last wednesday ;)

Roger Curry said...

Jesus. Christ.

Jilly said...

wow, like that's not highly flawed....


Jilly said...

it doesn't seem to factor in if you've only had one sexual partner and your partner has only had one sexual partner (you). Also, the older you are and the closer that matches the age when you last had sex, they increase your partner number. However, if you're older, have only had one partner, who has only had once partner and had sex recently, it gives you a larger number than it should.

statistics: it's so easy to lie to people that's about all I really got out of the 5 stats classes i've been forced to take.

when's the next time i'm going to run an ANOVA? never...but i can tell when someone's peeing on my leg.


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