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Mold & Mildew - Cleaning Advice Needed

My bathroom shower is travertine tile, which is very stylish and lovely. Here's a pic of what that kind of tile looks like, if you've never seen it. The bad thing is that the tile is porous and, consequently, water collects in the tiny pores/holes.... and no matter how careful one is, mold or mildew gets in. And I have been battling this since I moved into my new house a few months ago.

I want to clean the effing mold/mildew!

I have tried the following...

1. Elbow grease with all products listed below, including use of scrub brushes and even a toothbrush.
2. Lime Away
3. Mold & Mildew spray
4. CRS - for rust and mold
5. Bleach-based bathroom/shower products
6. Straight bleach


Someone suggested I try either chlorine or muriatic acid, neither of which come conveniently stored in a spray bottle... they're bigass gallon sizes and I can just see me now killing myself with spills and fumes.

Does anyone have any ideas before I do something dangerous?


Anonymous said...

white vinegar and barcabonate of soda

Jilly said...

can you seal the stone?


Spidey said...

travertine tile is supposed to be ground and sealed. it sounds like yours wasn't. i think you might have to ask a professional to come in and repolish it and make sure it is then sealed properly.

doreenmary said...

I bought some shit for swimming pool tile and patio furniture for $8.96 and sprayed it on. Might as well be water. Nothing.

Thanks for some ideas.