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Two days before pay day. Looking online at the bank statement. Even tho all is well, I am biting nails and thinking if any other checks could possibly come in today or tomorrow, thereby messing up the positive balance? When, if ever, will I not be transferring funds from one account to another to cush it temporarily? More importantly, when, if ever, will I NOT live paycheck to paycheck with this feeling of impending danger?

Ya know... I really thought adulthood would be a lot different after you go to school and get a lot of degrees and work as a PROFESSIONAL and have multiple jobs and invest in TINY things like a humble house or car and wear clothes from a thrift store and shop at places where you bag your own groceries and clip coupons and teach your children right and live an honest life. God forbid there should be rewards of BASIC LIVING for doing the right stuff. I guess I ask for too much.

And yes, Mavis/Alex, I feel something in my ovaries bubbling today and I'm kinda not so nice in this moment.


Anonymous said...

I won a minor battle with my gas supplier today so Im a happy bunny

Jilly said...

I'm moody about money too. I'm probably going to have to file for eviction of one of my tenants soon. this person just doesn't "get" that when one pays this month's rent on the last day of the month, then they will not be able to pay next month's rent on the first day (the next day), when it's due. moreover, being 30 days late with their rent causes ME problems that I don't need or want.

my biggest pet peeve with this is this person knows they owe me a lot of money but ignores that fact when bragging about the hundreds of dollars they're spending at various stores each week. I mean, why does one person needs to spend $300 on groceries a week? I spend about $70-$90 a week for three people and two cats and that includes gas for both cars.

anyway, end of my rant.

good luck with your juggling.


Spidey said...

life is a never ending challange. when things are going good, i am still afraid to like it too much, since the shit usually hits the fan. :)


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