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A Book Proposal

I am pitching a book idea to an NY book agent I once met years back who I've kept in mind for the future (which is now). I'm preparing a package to send off next week that is a proposal for a non-fiction book on the psychology of love (with my unique spin on it). The book idea coincides with my dissertation research, and I'm hoping for a two book deal out of it...the first being an introduction into theory and the second book to be the findings of my research (still in progress).

I have identified a specific publisher I want to target, but I don't want to approach them directly because I don't want to end up in the slush pile (that's the stack of book proposals and query letters that were sent unsolicited and looked only in an editor's spare time). Going the agent route gets a proposal looked at immediately... that is, of course, if you can find an agent who believes in your work and is willing to represent you.

I think I've got a winner here. If I didn't think I had a winner, I wouldn't waste my time or, go right to the top NY agency at first try.

It is time. It is time to make something happen.

For now, I'm keeping a low profile because it's all talk right now. If something comes from this, you know my blog is the first place I'll run to tell of it....

I'm excited!


Spidey said...

Good Luck!

that sounds wonderful!