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Post Christmas Updates

It was good with only one small glitch. The pre-@#$%-lit Christmas tree went out about 8 PM, midway in the party. It is now in a box ready for the garbage men to pick up. In fact, all signs of Christmas have been put away. For some reason and I don't know why, I find an element of Christmas to be sad and once the hoopla is over, I want it completely all out of sight. For years, my family would fight me for wanting to take down the tree the day after Christmas... now, they let me. I know. I know. I'm thought of as a romantic and this isn't very romantic of me, is it?

Here are a few pics from the soiree (used my cell phone so the quality isn't so hot)....

In the first pic, my son Kevin and daughter Kelly opening gifts
In the second pic, Kelly's boyfriend's family (first time we them -- lovely peeps)
In the third pic, in Kev's bedroom, from left, my nephew Justin, my ex-husband, my ex-FIL, and Kev
Next, my niece Jac, my sister and her husband
Next, my mom and some friends,
And last, me!


Spidey said...

I am still celebrating today, so decorations stay up!

Jilly said...

i don't take anything dony until after Jan 6th, which is the end of christmas. we, like spidey, are still celebrating. glad everyone was happy, sorry about the tree. we get a real tree every year because a fake tree collects too much dust. it's on the "no-no" list for people who have uncontrolled asthma.

what did you get?

doreenmary said...


What I got was this:

From a friend I got signed art and a necklace and my first facial. Kids got me chocolate (I already ate it) and a pizza cutter (which I asked for). My sister is taking me to a show and dinner. Mom gave me some bucks. My ex gave me a book and calendar. Friends brought wine to the party.

I got a bonus at work, plus they paid for my car to be waxed and detailed (bee-u-ti-ful results).

I bought myself some new curtains for my bedroom (from Santa)only the North Pole sent me the wrong size rods and customer service sucked when I called the 800# today about an exchange... but I should have it straightened out in a week.

All in all, it was a bountiful occasion for me.

What did y'all get?

Spidey said...

i was truly spoiled (as usual).
spideykids gave me a book store certificate, a black purse, an i love lucy calendar,a yummy tea collection,a christmas story themed snuggle blanket and a big bottle of cosmos(already mixed). bigjoe was generous as always. on the top of the list was the susan boyle CD i asked for, a pair of cozy pj's, some cash for a trip to the casino next week,and 3 new charms for my camilia bracelet.
santa was good to me. :)

Jilly said...

i got several ugly outfits from hell from the m-i-l, a tea set from my guy (to replace the one he broke at thanksgiving), a wii game that i've neve rplayed but my brother in law already beat, two new work-out outfits from best friend 1, new PJ's that actually fit from best frind 2, stinky perfume and a coffee mug from mandolin, two borders gift cards from my brother-in-law, a really bigass knife from grandpa in indiana, and money from my father-in-law. my mother got my PJs that don't fit (as usual), fuzzy socks, a broken watch and some soap that makes me itch.

i plan to use my christmas money buy some new clothing because i literally own nothing that fits at this point. If i give all the too big stuff away, it'll help me stay motivated and on-track.

all in all it was a good christmas for me. I gave all the stinky stuff away, regifts the too big PJs, found a home for any and all candy items brought into my house, and let my niece have the ugly clothing from the MIL to play dress up.

Mandolin had a large haul of stuff, but she's mostly playing with gift bows and empty boxes still.

did your kids get all they wanted?


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