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Christmas Pre-Party Disaster #1

Good Morning-

So my pre-$##%@-lit Christmas tree isn't pre-#$@%^-lighting!

8:01 - Me, bigass flannel shirt w/jeans and flipflops, ponytail, no makeup at Publix looking for #$%@ non-standard halogen light bulb. Nope.

8:10 - Me, snarling, at CVS. No bulb.

8:19 - Me, grumbling to self, traipsing aisles of Wal-#$%@-mart. Found it! No line at check-out.

8:29 - Me, screwdriver, tree on floor, bulb installed.

8:44 - Me, writing this blog post and feeling better.

8:46 - Me, signing off and resuming kitchen mess duties.

Merry Christmas!


Catz said...

everything went well after all I presume?

Roger D. Curry said...

Zarathustra cooking muffins, what a gorgeous photo!


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