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Don't Cook & Text.

There was a little kitchen fire situation this morning, but it's OK, it's out now.

I put my electric kettle on the stove burner and turned the stove on. I don't know why--it's supposed to go on an electric thingy on the counter. Surely this happened because I was texting and distracted, possibly compounded by the fact I had been stove queen lately with all the party cooking and it was a habit thing.

Anyway, next thing I knew, flames...and a black smoke took over the kitchen, bringing the kids out of their rooms early A.M. from the smell. I quickly removed the kettle and its burning rubber bottom and got it in the sink. I turned off the burner. I sent them the kids back to bed, I had it under control.

When the stove cooled, I was able to scrub off the plastic burned-on plastic.

My house doesn't have that holiday cinnamon candle scent any more, which means my holidays are officially over.

It's OK now. You may resume your blogging activities.


Roger D. Curry said...

Sometimes, posts or articles push buttons for little (true) vignettes in my mind based on past experiences, in this case that of a kitchen fire. Many of them however, the one stimulated today included, sadly are not appropriate for publication.


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