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This one is for the ladies.

So right now my other opened web page is Victoria Secret's cuz it's the Semi-annual sale. You can get bras that have a pricetag of $50 for like $12 - $20... thought I'd share this consumer news with you. Still, somehow I am ho-hum about it all because VS is overrated. I am still in search of the perfect bra after all these years

I do NOT want one that:

- is a demi-cup (means when you bend over your boobs flop out)
- is silky... they have no holding power
- is white or cotton... they feel grandma-y
- is padded... I have my own padding I was born with, thank you very much
- is a minimizer (i.e. straight jacket)
- has fake underwire for comfort (they bend in the wash and never return to shape)
- are thin (yes, comfortable, but let's not forget the nipplage issue--if you know what I mean and I think that you do)

I want a bra that:

- lifts... but lasts in its liftage, not one you have to tighten the straps to extreme get it to work
- long-lasting, not one I'm going to "blow out of" in 3 months and again, some of you know what I mean
- is pretty
-one that works with back fat, not against it.
- one that inexpensive so I can have 5 or 10 of them
- one that comes with matching panties that aren't 8 or 9 dollars each pair.

Have you found the perfect bra or, is this a lifetime pursuit of never ending disappointment?


Roger D. Curry said...

A general tangentially related observation: The conventional wisdom is that the VS models are the most beautiful women. Horse hockey. You women readers are the most beautiful. You are real and warm and wonderful. Yeah, the parts are pretty nice looking. It's you, all of you, that creates the beauty.

By God, I like girls.

aliasmoi said...

I like Lillyette when I can afford it.

Jilly said...

i need to go bra shopping since i lost 43 pounds over the past few months. i have given several big name brands as well as little name brands a chance. i've never found anything perfect. 3-6 months is the lifespan of a good bra, and you can't EVER wash or dry them in a machine, or else. good luck fightin the good fight.

Spidey said...

i too am in search of the perfect bra. boobs really need a lot of attention don't they?

Rosary said...

There's simply no such thing as the perfect bra. When you find one you like, it's a sure thing that the next time you go to buy the exact same bra it will a) no longer be made or b) somehow changed so that the fit is different. Bras are a necessary evil.

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